Welcome to the Kern County Probation Officer’s Association website. The Kern County Probation Officer’s Association proudly represents all the Juvenile Correctional Officer classifications and Deputy Probation Officer classifications employees of the Kern County Probation Department.

Our members work in all four corners of the vast area of Kern County and in between. Our job duties are as widespread and diverse as the County itself.

Our members are responsible for the care and custody of all juvenile felony and misdemeanor offenders housed in Kern County at James G. Bowles Juvenile Hall, Camp Erwin Owen, and the Larry J. Rhoades Kern Crossroads Facility.

Our members conduct investigations on adult and juvenile offenders and provide reports to the court detailing the crime, the criminal history of the offender, and their impact on victims to assist the Court in making a sentencing decision.

Our members supervise over 10,000 adult and juvenile felony and misdemeanor offenders and hold them accountable to the Court. Specialized supervision caseloads include gang members, sex offenders, state prison releases pursuant to AB 109, and drug offenders.

Our members are committed to be an integral part of public safety and to keep the citizens of Kern County safe.